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Join the ARC Team

So you want to join Evelynn Carver’s ARC (Advance Reader Copy) team...

The aim of this group is to distribute early copies of my novels to excited and loyal readers to make sure my books will have reviews posted on or before release day. As a new author releasing into a niche genre, having early positive reviews is incredibly important, so your help is much appreciated. You get a free novel and get to help out a new author at the same time - it's a pretty sweet deal!

What are the requirements to join the team?


  • You must have an active Amazon account 

  • You must be 18+ years old and comfortable reading adult material that includes explicit queer sex

  • You can commit to reading a full novel in the span of ~2 weeks

  • You are comfortable posting an honest review on release day

If you meet the requirements above, please submit your information below to be added to the ARC team mailing list. This is an exclusive list ONLY for ARC readers - I promise not to spam you with unrelated topics or advertisements!

Thank you so much for joining – your help will be instrumental in creating a successful book launch!

Thanks for submitting!
We will be in touch!
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